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FAQs About Pino Art Limited Editions

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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about limited edition art and Pino limited editions that might be helpful to collectors. J Watson Fine Art is proud to offer a great selection of Pino original paintings and Pino limited editions which are also available as hand-embellished canvases. We are an Authorized Pino Dealer by Pino's publisher, Classic Publications. We love helping collectors acquire Pino art, and will assist you in finding just the right "fit" for your collection.

We guarantee your satisfaction 100%. We ship nationally throughout the United States, and internationally as well. Pino Art brings joy and beauty to art collectors world-wide. Contact us on our Contact Form or call us at 661 476-7558 or e-mail us at info@jwatsonfineart.com for a quote or personal consultation about Pino art.

1) What is a Giclée?

Giclée is a printing process for fine art prints that delivers a very high-quality result that is consistent from beginning to end of the printing process. A publisher can use the giclée process to print on paper or on canvas.

Giclée can also be used as a noun referring to the print or canvas that was produced using the giclée method. as in: " This is a giclée".

2) What is a limited edition?

A limited edition means that there are a set number of pieces made from an original artwork. A painting may have been made into a limited edition in more than one size, or in more than one medium (for example a paper print and a canvas print) however. There will also usually be some Artist Proofs, Collector's Proofs or Printer's Proofs of the piece, but again that number is limited.

3) What is an open edition?

A print that does not have a set number of pieces made from it and can be printed on demand as needed is called an open edition.

4) What are the numbers at the bottom of my limited edition?

Generally a limited edition will be numbered with the total number of pieces in the edition preceded by the number of the piece, so for example if you see 24/195, then it is number 24 out of an edition of 195.

5) What does AP, CP or PP by the number at the bottom of my limited edition stand for?

AP is Artist's Proof, CP is Collector's Proof and PP is Printer's Proof. There are generally fewer of these made than there are of the regular edition pieces, and they are in addition to the regular edition size.

6) What is an Artist Proof?

Back in the day, when different printing processes were more commonly used, the quality of a limited edition was stronger at the beginning of the print run. The first pieces in the print run were often given to the artist as Artist Proofs, for the artist to check the quality of the colors, etc. The artist could then keep the Artist Proofs or sell them or give them as gifts.

With the current giclée printing process, the quality is consistent throughout the print run, so there is no difference in quality, however Artist Proofs are generally still given to the artist, and they are often considered more valuable because there are usually fewer of them made and they have an extra connection to the artist. With Pino limited editions, it is generally the Artist Proofs, Collector's Proofs and Printer's Proofs that are hand-embellished.

7) What is a hand-embellished giclée?

A hand-embellished giclée is a limited edition giclée that has been printed on canvas and then paint has been applied over parts of the canvas by an artist giving the piece texture and a more similar appearance to an original painting. Each one is unique in that there has been paint applied by hand. The paint highlights the piece, but it is not painted entirely by hand as an original painting would be.

Some artists may only use a small amount of paint on their hand-embellished canvases, while others are known to paint quite a bit on them. Pino hand embellished canvases have a rich texture, and many people have asked if they are original paintings when seeing a Pino hand-embellished giclée canvas. Hand-embellishing adds to the value of the piece.

8) What does s/n stand for?

Signed and Numbered.

9) How should I document my limited edition purchase?

You should receive a Certificate of Authenticity from the publisher or dealer with a limited edition purchase. Keep that and your sales receipt in a safe place (safety deposit box is best). Take photos of the piece including the edition number if it is visible, and take photos of or scan the Certificate of Authenticity and the sales receipt or any other documentation you are given. In case of a natural disaster or loss of paperwork, it may be helpful to have a digital copy of these.

10) How should I care for or protect my limited edition?

You may want to add your limited edition artwork to your insurance coverage. Don't assume fine art is automatically covered by your policy as some policies do not cover fine art without it being specifically added. Also, if you are moving, make sure you have transit coverage for your artwork during your move, as some art collectors have found that they were not covered for that even though they had added their artwork to their policies. and of course, make sure that your artwork is protected physically during a move with adequate padding and surface protection and is handled gently. There are professional art movers and shippers who can assist you.

It is best to display fine art out of direct light and away from heat and humidity if possible. If you want direct lighting on your artwork, there are art lights that emit little or no UV or heat you can order.

If you have any other questions about Pino art, feel free to contact J Watson Fine Art at
661 476-7558 or us our Contact Form or e-mail us at info@jwatsonfineart.com, and we will do our best to provide you with the information you need.



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